About Us

We don't just sell computers; we create solutions.
Sounds simple enough, but it's what sets us apart from others. By buying, trading and selling refurbished and new computers, we make sensible, powerful solutions that meet the majority of computing needs.

If you need the biggest and fastest, we have new systems.
If you know exactly what you want, you might build your own system from new, brand name, in-store components.
If you want to trade in your current computer, don't go to the Big Box store, come see us and see what we can do for you. And if you need a sensible system at a great price, we have all kinds of factory refurbished packages at great savings.

If you are a small business, call us for our unique solutions to your unique problems. We will perform a full Information Technology Analysis and recommend the right solutions.

Another unique aspect of OBriens Computer Service is our experienced staff. Our sales people help you make your buying decisions by determining what you need and suggesting sensible solutions. Our service technicians are A+ certified; they really know computers and gladly answer your questions.

We know... actually getting the right answer to a technical question at a computer store seems alarming at first. But you'll get used to it. Our expert sales staff is a plus for everyone, and the buy/sell/trade concept is perfect for families, singles, seniors and students, but it's the business client that first attracted OBriens Computer Service.

For answers to concerns about buying refurbished or used computers, contact us. Buying good equipment, refurbishing to specified standards, and selling to businesses needing reliable systems was the logical basis on which OBriens Computer Service was designed in 1996.

Charles O'Brien got things going in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, then concept with the vision of a expanding retail chain. In August 2000 OBriens Computer Service expanded to Withee, Wisconsin and then in 2006 expanded to Neillsville, Wisconsin, which has now become our headquarters.

OBriens Computer Service is a sole proprietorship that started in 1996. We here at the OBriens Computer Service provide services for the Internet, Intranets, local communities, Schools, customers, business' and search engines.

OBriens Computer Service takes its pride in the workmanship of their systems and their customers systems, and problems. We are the lowest cost computer service center in the State of Wisconsin for over 13-years.....

Owner: (Charles O'Brien)
  • Microsoft Certified Partner