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Discover “Alternative Protein”, a healthy trend that is good for the body and the env
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Everyone knows that it is important to have good health. Part of it comes from our health behaviors. Especially the eating behavior because we really know which food is good for the body. Whether we choose to eat or not eat, for example, if the menu does not like Bad taste We don't even eat. this is useful in the meantime If it's a favorite menu Even if it's a useless food Even if it's called "junk food", we don't care, we'll eat anyway.

However, today's society is driven by "trends". It will cause curiosity, a desire to try, a desire to keep up with the trend so that they can talk about it with other people. Food trends too. In this age many people are increasingly awareShaolinof their health. in addition to exercise which is the metabolism of energy from the food eaten People go back to looking at the origin of eating. that you have to eat something that is good for your health Create some food trends that are believed to be healthy food. It is not difficult to become popular overnight. Although some people try to eat for fun. according to the trend

Yet, in this age, people don't just care about their health through food. They have a broader perspective. how to take care of the environment They believe that if humans take care of the environment until we can recover good nature. Human beings will be able to live in a good environment. be of good character which will result in a return to good health also of man, hence the choice of food for the people of this era. Therefore, they can no longer eat for the purpose of creating good health for themselves alone. But it is a good choice for nature, the environment and the world.

What is an alternative protein?

An "alternative protein" is a protein diet that is not derived from livestock processing or, in other words, a diet that avoids animal protein. Turning to other food sources that provide the same protein nutrients. It is very close to real meat. both taste and texture Due to the development of food technology It helps people to turn to this protein substitute more easily. Because it is almost no different from meat.

Protein is a very important nutrient. especially When it comes to health care, in the past most of us ate animal protein. Although there are some plants which are similar in high protein content. But it is undeniable that the taste and texture are completely different. Eating plants is eating vegetables. Nobody thought it was high in protein. Later, when the concept of animal cruelty began to spread. Many also felt sympathy for animals that had to be slaughtered for human food. Therefore, they began looking for alternative sources of protein that could be used as a substitute for consuming animal protein.

Alternative proteins or alternative proteins are a way to adhere to the principle of consuming vegetable proteins. or proteins from other sources This includes a vegetarian diet, but it must be admitted that plant proteins may not be as complete as animal proteins. But both vegetable and animal proteins have their pros and cons: for example, vegetable proteins do not contain cholesterol. does not cause disease While some animal proteins are rich in cholesterol. It can cause various diseases and even harm animals.

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